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Nomination and Registration

All Yachts participating in Race Season need to nominate either in person at the TYC Office or by using the online form below. View Conditions of Entry here.

All Skippers (If different to owner) and Crew participating in any Races also need to register either in person at the TYC Office or online.

Register Skipper/Crew for Race Season

Any person that sails in more than three (3) races during the sailing season must be or become a member of the Townsville Yacht Club (TYC) and Australian Sailing. Any competitor from another club holding a current Australian Sailing Number must become a TYC member prior to the three race limit. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a 2% time penalty being applied to the boat's finish time.

TYC and Australian Sailing membership provides numerous benefits including:

  • Australian Sailing Club Member which provides sailing accident cover and discounts.
  • Participation in club racing events;
  • Discounts for TYC cruising and social events; and
  • Member's Draw entry following races and at cruising/social events.

Australian Sailing Club membership costs $100 annually. TYC membership starts at $50 annually for a Social Member. Membership applications are available at the Townsville Yacht Club office or bar or by applying online.

On registration, your club administrator will create a profile for you in the national database, known as myClub. You can access and edit your record at any time through a mySailor profile, accessible via the Yachting Australia website.

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