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The TYC Sailing Committee have been utilising SailSys as their Race Management System since the beginning of the 2020 Sailing Season. 

All Owners/Skippers participating in an TYC organised race need to register their vessel, which is done via SailSys.  Skippers can then nominate their boat for the race they wish to participate in.

Click here for the SailSys Race Entry

If you are a new boat or have not registered your boat previously (ie do not have a SailSys account), click here to create an account

If you need more help click here (SailSys Help Centre)


Once the nomination is complete, all crew must be registered on the vessel's Crew List in SailSys.  This must be done each race.  The skipper does this by entering in crew members first name, last name and email address the first time a crew member joins the boat.  The can then be selected from a list of previous crew for future races.  The crew member will then add in all other personal information (such as their Australian Sailing number, next of kin etc).

Having an accurate Crew List is critical to know who is on the water for each race in the event the information is needed in an emergency.


ViSITOR (Not a TYC Member)

If you are a visitor to the Townsville Yacht Club you will need to purchase a SailPass at a cost of $15 per sail, and this is arranged at the club, with assistance from our friendly staff.  

regular CREW

Regular crew are required to be either purchase a SailPass (for a maximum number of 15 races) or be a TYC Sailing Member ($300 per year - pro rated starting April) . 

Any SailPass purchases are credited towards membership if you elect to covert to a TYC Sailing Membership. 

What is a SailPass?

A SailPass Membership allows you to sail a designated number of times before you need to subscribe to annual membership. Any money you have spent on the Sail Pass Membership will be credited to your annual subscription fee if you decide to become a member of Townsville Yacht Club.

SailPass is a means by which a person who is not a TYC Sailing Member can go sailing and you (and your skipper) can rest easy knowing

  • that all crew are at least temporarily affiliated with Townsville Yacht Club
  • all crew have some level of Personal Accident Insurance
  • all crew have a current Australian Sailing number (this is issued to you with your first SailPass and is unique to you).

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