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I wish to become a member of the TOWNSVILLE YACHT CLUB (the Club/TYC).

Membership Type

Ordinary - $160.00

$160.00 (including GST) payable in advance. Ordinary membership is compulsory for all marina users. The membership year is from 1 April to 31 March.

Junior - $30.00

Available to persons under the age of 18 years – annual subscription is $30.00 (including GST) payable yearly in advance.

Temporary - $10.00/wk

Available for up to 3 months to persons visiting Townsville and whose place of residence is more than 50 kilometers from Townsville Post Office – membership fee is $10.00 per week payable in advance.

Social - $50.00

Available to persons who wish to use the club’s facilities.
If you intend to participate in yacht racing in any capacity - skipper or crew - you must also be a Townsville Cruising Yacht Club (TCYC) Member. Please tick the following box if you wish to also become a member of the TCYC.

TCYC Membership

TCYC – YQ / YA Sailing Fees - $100

TCYC membership incorporates affiliation with Yachting Queensland (YQ) and Yachting Australia (YA) which includes the Yachting Australia Silver Card (YA insurance).

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I agree to be bound by the Constitution of the TYC.

Ordinary Membership requires two propsers. Enter their details here:

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