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Marina Information

The Townsville Yacht Club has been serving the boating community in North Queensland for over 70 years.

Our new marina has reinvented the meaning of top of the line amenities and infrastructure. The marina has165 berths (including regatta berths) and is able to accommodate vessels up to 20 metres. 

All the new berths are available for short and long term rentals. The Townsville Yacht Club prices are competitive with other eastern sea board marinas and there is a depreciating rate the longer you stay, and who wouldn't want to linger longer with the club situated within walking distance to Palmer Street restaurants and their alfresco dining, city heart mall, museums and pubs.

The club is situated at possibly the safest bolt hole on the Eastern Coast, well up the Ross Creek and protected on all sides. The yacht club has a manned office in normal office hours, and monitor channels 16 and 77. There is a dedicated arrival berth with easy access. The new marina has top of the line CCTV security for the fingers and dinghy pontoons and there is a swipe key for ins and outs. Some berths have 3-phase and the 240 electricity is metered at approx 35c per Kw hour. The toilet blocks has 4 unisex ensuites and laundry facilities.

Booking ahead can be done over the phone or via the online booking equiry form.

Lat 19 15.5 S Long 146 49.3 E

Level 3 Water Restrictions

Townsville Yacht Club currently has an exemption for boat washing in the marina as follows:

  • Wash activities to be limited to a two hour period each day, and four days per week with designations as follows: Monday (4-6pm), Wednesday (6.30pm-8.30pm), Friday (4-6pm), Sunday (4-6pm).
  • A general focus towards water use minimisation is required.
  • Hose with trigger nozzle is permitted.
  • A reduced frequency washing.
  • An approach that minimises the perception of water wastage to members of the public.
  • Consideration to water reduction additives in wash water and / or water reuse initiatives.
  • A managed approach is taken to regulate washing practices.
  • In the event that Level 4 Restrictions are declared, any or all of these provisions may no longer apply.